TikTok Advertisement – What Brands Must Know

TikTok was among the five most downloaded apps in the year of the pandemic. And still, the community is growing faster, and TikTok seems to be the most favorite also.

This increase in the popularity of TikTok in a very short time has compelled businesses to approach their audience via this platform. And you can easily find many renowned, well-established, and newly emerging brands creating their TikTok profile to gather followers.

If you have also decided to leverage your business via TikTok, here is another method you should know about. Besides creating video content, you can also take advantage of TikTok ads for creating brand awareness and promotion o products or services.

Advertisement On TikTok

Similar to other platforms, TikTokhas also provided its users with this opportunity to sign up for their paid advertisement campaigns. However, what makes TikTok advertisement different is it’s quite fair, budget-friendly, and more effective than most businesses prefer instead of buying TikTok followers.

There are different types of ad campaigns you can opt for. We will discuss each briefly here. 

In-Feed Ads

In-Feed ads appear along with other users’ videos on the For You Page. Though short videos are known to be the sweet spot, they can be made anywhere between 9 to 60 seconds. They also enable the viewers to engage via likes, comments, and shares. Furthermore, by adding a suitable call-to-action, you can get your audience to take the action of landing on your website, drives traffic, and ultimately increases sales. 

One thing you must keep in mind is these ads are similar to the ads we come across while tapping our Instagram stories which means skippable. Therefore, you have only 3-5 seconds to grab your audience’s attention.

Brand Takeover Ads

Your audience will see only one of your brand takeover ads daily. It means less competition and more visibility. But, they are a bit pricier, so brands with sufficient marketing budgets usually opt for them.

The advantage of this type of advertisement is that as soon as a user opens his/her TikTok account, this ad pops up as a full-screen video. They either have a link to your landing page or a hashtag challenge to direct viewers to the desired place.

TopView Ads

These ads are more like commercials because they appear as a full-screen video on the top of your For You Page. They also auto-play with sound, have a call-to-action, and can be as long as up to 60 seconds. The only difference between branded takeover ads and TopView ads is they don’t appear right after opening the app. 

Branded Hashtag Challenges

In my opinion, they give you the best of both interactive videos and brand advertisements. You can be as much creative as you like and produce something worth engaging. They are also featured at the top of the Discovery page and help you catching your viewer’s attention readily. Moreover, they help you develop much user-generated content without much effort. 

Branded Effects 

We all know TikTok is all about quirky videos and effects. Similar to Snapchat and Instagram, TikTok has also brought this feature of allowing businesses to create a shareable sticker, filter, or special effect that is unique to their brand and helps in their representation and recognition. 

Therefore, brands, to make themselves identifiable, must work on them.


As you see, we have discussed different types of TikTok ads that can help you catch the attention of your potential customers with a bit of tactic. Therefore, you must not think of buying TikTok views in the first place and should better invest your energy in your brand’s development via organic methods.