Instagram Reels VS TikTok – The Difference Between The Two

Since it is launched, Instagram has been an attractive and useful platform for e-commerce businesses. From time to time, the addition of new features keeps making users’ experience of using Instagram more fun and entertaining. However, one of the latest features introduced in Instagram are reels from 2020. Since it has just been a year, the confusion among the entrepreneurs can be clearly seen whether to integrate this feature into their marketing strategy or not. To learn whether Instagram reels can be a better option for promoting your business, you have to continue reading our blog. And if you are convinced of the importance of Instagram reels, you can also get to buy Instagram reels likes or views on your reels for a significant gain in numbers.

Launch of Reels

When Instagram introduced reels, people thought of it as an alternative or copy of TikTok. Though they are not entirely similar, because of a few familiarities, a large audience considered that the two of them are alike. Later on, with the deep insights of experts, it was demonstrated that Instagram reels and TikTok have a few differences between them, and Instagram reels are not cloned from TikTok. 

The Key Differences Between Reels and TikTok

Here are the few differences we have found between Reels and TikTok videos after analyzing their features and performance. 

Reels Videos and TikTok Videos Time Limit

You can’t upload Instagram reels videos of more than 30 seconds. This duration was set when the feature was introduced and is still intact. However, TikTok continues to gain popularity, adapted to change this time limit. At first, the time limit for TikTok videos was 30 seconds. Then it was increased to 1 minute, and now, TikTok videos can go up to 3 minutes maximum. Because of the very limited time duration for reels, you have to stick to short and meaningful clips that can catch viewers’ attention and increase your views. Or otherwise, you can buy ig reels likes to increase the reach.

Audio Library of Reels VS TikTok

Experts also say that TikTok is a giant platform in front of reels, and so its sound library is quite big in comparison to reels. Though reels also have a huge variety of audios, it sometimes depends on the audios used in TikTok videos. This somehow makes Instagram reels dependent on TikTok videos’. 

Editing and Protecting Videos

On TikTok, you can have multiple effects and filters to edit and enhance your final videos. However, in Instagram reels, they only allow you to use stories’ filters for video editing.

On the other hand, TikTok videos can be saved by the viewers, which is not a very good characteristic to protect your content. Instead, on reels, there is no way to save your reels, and hence, they are more protected as compared to TikTok videos. 


You might have seen that TikTok is now allowing to share both sponsored and advertisement content through its platform. However, reels don’t have this to share advertising content via it. So you can increase your viewers and traffic by buying reels views from any reliable vendor. 

Final Words

When you buy Instagram reels views, you are rest assured that it will help you to readily increase your views and likes on Instagram reels. Therefore, a majority of entrepreneurs often prefer this option when they don’t get their required number of views on their reels’ content. Since it is a new feature and also Instagram caters to the needs of the majority of users, promoting your brand through Instagram will be a wise decision.