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TikTok Advertisement – What Brands Must Know

TikTok was among the five most downloaded apps in the year of the pandemic. And still, the community is growing faster, and TikTok seems to be the most favorite also.

This increase in the popularity of TikTok in a very short time has compelled businesses to approach their audience via this platform. And you can easily find many renowned, well-established, and newly emerging brands creating their TikTok profile to gather followers.

If you have also decided to leverage your business via TikTok, here is another method you should know about. Besides creating video content, you can also take advantage of TikTok ads for creating brand awareness and promotion o products or services.

Advertisement On TikTok

Similar to other platforms, TikTokhas also provided its users with this opportunity to sign up for their paid advertisement campaigns. However, what makes TikTok advertisement different is it’s quite fair, budget-friendly, and more effective than most businesses prefer instead of buying TikTok followers.

There are different types of ad campaigns you can opt for. We will discuss each briefly here. 

In-Feed Ads

In-Feed ads appear along with other users’ videos on the For You Page. Though short videos are known to be the sweet spot, they can be made anywhere between 9 to 60 seconds. They also enable the viewers to engage via likes, comments, and shares. Furthermore, by adding a suitable call-to-action, you can get your audience to take the action of landing on your website, drives traffic, and ultimately increases sales. 

One thing you must keep in mind is these ads are similar to the ads we come across while tapping our Instagram stories which means skippable. Therefore, you have only 3-5 seconds to grab your audience’s attention.

Brand Takeover Ads

Your audience will see only one of your brand takeover ads daily. It means less competition and more visibility. But, they are a bit pricier, so brands with sufficient marketing budgets usually opt for them.

The advantage of this type of advertisement is that as soon as a user opens his/her TikTok account, this ad pops up as a full-screen video. They either have a link to your landing page or a hashtag challenge to direct viewers to the desired place.

TopView Ads

These ads are more like commercials because they appear as a full-screen video on the top of your For You Page. They also auto-play with sound, have a call-to-action, and can be as long as up to 60 seconds. The only difference between branded takeover ads and TopView ads is they don’t appear right after opening the app. 

Branded Hashtag Challenges

In my opinion, they give you the best of both interactive videos and brand advertisements. You can be as much creative as you like and produce something worth engaging. They are also featured at the top of the Discovery page and help you catching your viewer’s attention readily. Moreover, they help you develop much user-generated content without much effort. 

Branded Effects 

We all know TikTok is all about quirky videos and effects. Similar to Snapchat and Instagram, TikTok has also brought this feature of allowing businesses to create a shareable sticker, filter, or special effect that is unique to their brand and helps in their representation and recognition. 

Therefore, brands, to make themselves identifiable, must work on them.


As you see, we have discussed different types of TikTok ads that can help you catch the attention of your potential customers with a bit of tactic. Therefore, you must not think of buying TikTok views in the first place and should better invest your energy in your brand’s development via organic methods. 

Instagram Reels VS TikTok – The Difference Between The Two

Since it is launched, Instagram has been an attractive and useful platform for e-commerce businesses. From time to time, the addition of new features keeps making users’ experience of using Instagram more fun and entertaining. However, one of the latest features introduced in Instagram are reels from 2020. Since it has just been a year, the confusion among the entrepreneurs can be clearly seen whether to integrate this feature into their marketing strategy or not. To learn whether Instagram reels can be a better option for promoting your business, you have to continue reading our blog. And if you are convinced of the importance of Instagram reels, you can also get to buy Instagram reels likes or views on your reels for a significant gain in numbers.

Launch of Reels

When Instagram introduced reels, people thought of it as an alternative or copy of TikTok. Though they are not entirely similar, because of a few familiarities, a large audience considered that the two of them are alike. Later on, with the deep insights of experts, it was demonstrated that Instagram reels and TikTok have a few differences between them, and Instagram reels are not cloned from TikTok. 

The Key Differences Between Reels and TikTok

Here are the few differences we have found between Reels and TikTok videos after analyzing their features and performance. 

Reels Videos and TikTok Videos Time Limit

You can’t upload Instagram reels videos of more than 30 seconds. This duration was set when the feature was introduced and is still intact. However, TikTok continues to gain popularity, adapted to change this time limit. At first, the time limit for TikTok videos was 30 seconds. Then it was increased to 1 minute, and now, TikTok videos can go up to 3 minutes maximum. Because of the very limited time duration for reels, you have to stick to short and meaningful clips that can catch viewers’ attention and increase your views. Or otherwise, you can buy ig reels likes to increase the reach.

Audio Library of Reels VS TikTok

Experts also say that TikTok is a giant platform in front of reels, and so its sound library is quite big in comparison to reels. Though reels also have a huge variety of audios, it sometimes depends on the audios used in TikTok videos. This somehow makes Instagram reels dependent on TikTok videos’. 

Editing and Protecting Videos

On TikTok, you can have multiple effects and filters to edit and enhance your final videos. However, in Instagram reels, they only allow you to use stories’ filters for video editing.

On the other hand, TikTok videos can be saved by the viewers, which is not a very good characteristic to protect your content. Instead, on reels, there is no way to save your reels, and hence, they are more protected as compared to TikTok videos. 


You might have seen that TikTok is now allowing to share both sponsored and advertisement content through its platform. However, reels don’t have this to share advertising content via it. So you can increase your viewers and traffic by buying reels views from any reliable vendor. 

Final Words

When you buy Instagram reels views, you are rest assured that it will help you to readily increase your views and likes on Instagram reels. Therefore, a majority of entrepreneurs often prefer this option when they don’t get their required number of views on their reels’ content. Since it is a new feature and also Instagram caters to the needs of the majority of users, promoting your brand through Instagram will be a wise decision.

Which Things To Look For When Buying Instagram Impressions?

Today, Instagram is more likely to be called as a magnificent digital marketing tool rather than just being a cool, entertaining social platform. It gives you the opportunity to engage with a wide number of people on Instagram who are looking for a brand, a company, or an entrepreneur, selling them the desired product or service with satisfaction. Yes, Instagram plays a key role in building the viewers’ trust in your business by allowing you to interact with them in several ways. This interaction can be through stories, post videos, live videos, stories quizzes, and other methods. However, whether your way to interact with the audience is going in the right direction or not determines by certain Instagram metrics. One of them is Instagram impressions.

Have you heard from your fellow entrepreneur recommending you to buy Instagram impressions to improve your reach? If yes then you are at the right place. We will help you know what is the importance of Instagram impressions and their purchase. When, why, and who should consider buying IG impressions? Is buying Instagram impressions worthwhile? 

Why Instagram Impressions Are Important?

Well, first you should know what Instagram impressions are and how do they work. The number of times your post/content will appear in the users’ feed or will be viewed by them is called Instagram impressions. You can check your value of Instagram impressions for different posts in your Instagram insights if you own a business profile. The higher the value of impressions you have, the greater will be the chances to catch the attention of your targeted audience.

The higher number of impressions will ultimately result in a greater engagement rate on your business account. And it is going to have a positive effect on the Instagram algorithm. That’s why marketing experts necessitate getting a high number of Instagram impressions. 

When You Should Think About Buying Instagram Impressions?

It’s not advisable for all kinds of businesses in all conditions to buy Instagram impressions. Some conditions or requirements urge the need to invest in purchased impressions by appropriate sources. As we said, you must have a business profile so you can access some useful and advanced features of Instagram that help to understand how the viewers respond to your content. If you see that a particular type of content is getting more impressions organically, you should start creating that type of content. Or if your content isn’t getting enough organic impressions, then you may think of buying IG impressions. 

How To Buy Instagram Impressions?

While buying Instagram impressions, you should look for a few things on the website. For instance, which of their packages will be suitable according to your business size, which offers fits your budget, what’s their payment method, do they ask for your password to provide the service, what’s the maximum delivery time for impressions, and reviews from their previous buyers. When you search for these things on a website, it helps you know whether the website is a reliable one or not. 

Is Buying Instagram Impressions A Good Idea?

Buying Instagram Impressions is ideal when you are not hitting the desired number of impressions through the organic method. However, it’s not always suggested to businesses to invest in buying impressions because it may sometimes affect your reach negatively if you couldn’t find a reliable website. 

Final Words

We have tried to incorporate everything in our blog that’s necessary to consider before you buy IG impressions. We hope you understood and picked up the points we have highlighted in our content and it will help you to make your decision.

How to Upload Gifs to Instagram?

Instagram is a great place to share GIFs as they can be quickly consumed by users because of their attention-grabbing nature. Unfortunately, you cannot upload gIfs directly on Instagram like Facebook or Twitter. 

So how can you even post a gif on Instagram? Technically, you can post gifs only with the help of third-party apps or by converting the gifs into short videos. 

In this article, we’ll share the apps you can use to upload gifs on Instagram. 

Apps You Can Use to Upload Gifs On your Instagram Feed 

Below are some of the common and best apps you can use to upload gifs on your Instagram feed. 

1.Giphy App

One of the most straightforward ways to upload gifs on Instagram is by taking advantage of the Giphy app. This app can be used by Android and iOS users. 

By using this app you can create short video formats of your gif and upload them on Instagram. Follow these simple steps to create a gif, 

  • Download the Giphy mobile app
  • Browse through the large collection of gifs available in the app
  • Select a gif and click on the ‘Share It’ option with the Instagram icon 
  • Your Instagram app will open automatically and the gif of your choice will appear in the camera roll of your app 
  • Next, you can post that as a normal video 

If the gif you want is not available on the app, you can download the gif of your choice and upload it to Giphy and then follow the instructions above to share it on your Instagram profile. 


GIFLab is another app that can be used to share gifs on Instagram. This is a paid app and works only for iOS devices. If you have no problem with spending some money, this app will definitely be worth your investment as it is the fastest and the most user-friendly app on the market. 

This app does not have a repository of gif collections, you have to get the gifs by browning. The good news is you can easily turn your GIF file into .mp4 format. Follow the below steps to update your gif using this app.

  • Download the GIFlab app 
  • Select a gif and save it on your phone gallery 
  • Open the GIFLab app and click on the “GIF to Instagram” option which will redirect to your gallery. Select the gif you have downloaded
  • Adjust the playback speed according to your preference
  • After you make adjustments, you can save and share it on Instagram 


Instead of using a gif that is already available, you can make your own gif and share it on Instagram by using this app. It is available for Android and iOS devices. You have options to crop, create, and edit the gifs before you upload them. 

Similar to GIFLab, even this app will let you convert your GIF file into .mp4 format. The app has many great features, but you need to unlock the ‘pro’ version so you can take advantage of its full potential. Follow the below steps to update your gif using this app.

  • Download the GIFMaker app 
  • Choose a gif and save it on your phone gallery 
  • Open the GIFMaker app and click on the “GIF to Instagram” option which will redirect to your gallery. Select the gif you have downloaded
  • Adjust the playback speed according to your preference
  • After you make adjustments, you can save and share it on Instagram 


Boomerang is the gif app of Instagram which is available for Android and iOS devices. This app allows you to create short videos through your phone. Follow the below steps to update your gif using this app.

  • Download the Boomerang app 
  • Give permission to the app so it can access the camera on your device
  • Through the app click pictures and once you are done, it’ll use those pictures to create a video 
  • After you make the edits, click on the Instagram app symbol, and the content will automatically get uploaded to your app 

5.Online Converters 

Apart from using apps to add gifs, you can also use online converters that can be accessed through a browser. You can convert the gifs into .mp4 video files. 

Popular options include FreeFileConvert, Convertio, and GIFtoMP4. Here are the steps you need to follow,

  • Upload the gif of your choice to any one of those websites 
  • Press convert 
  • Once the .mp4 conversion is done, transfer the video to your mobile device and then upload it to Instagram 


Gifs are an excellent way to showcase your creativity to the Instagram community. By creating content formats that are in trend, you can pull even more audiences to your brand. 

Now that you have a clear idea of how to upload gifs on Instagram, you can start sharing awesome content right away.

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