Cardi B Plastic Surgery Rumours – Real or Fake?

Cardi B Plastic Surgery

Is anyone even surprised by now that we have another Cardi B plastic surgery rumor on our hands? Probably not. Let’s look at all the records of her suspected surgeries and procedures.


What Does Cardi B Say About Her Plastic Surgery Rumors?

Cardi B has always been open about surgeries in the past before attaining worldwide recognition for her music. She had admitted to breast augmentation and illegal butt injections during her career as an exotic dancer. But what about facial surgeries after becoming a multiple Grammy-winning artist? Nothing. She has neither denied nor confirmed her going under the knife despite images of her covering alleged surgery scars circulating the web.

What Her Fans and Experts Have To Say?

Her fans have always supported her originality and unfiltered personality, but what about plastic surgery news? Well, the jury is still out as she seems to have entered an equilibrium where neither faction of fans nor critics can overpower each other. Some support her decisions to modify herself as they see it being part of the industry. On the other hand, many argue that she has basically fast-tracked her career through rapid alterations to herself.

Moreover, plastic surgery experts claim she might have gone under the knife more than anyone initially believed.

Cardi B Nose Job/Rhinoplasty Surgery:


Looking at the images from the beginning of her career, one can outright see how her nose has changed to date. The nose is distinctively sharper and narrower as compared to her used-to-be button nose. This leaves no doubt in anyone’s mind. Furthermore, many have started to compare her to her arch-nemesis, Nicki Minaj.

Cardi B Lip Face Lift Surgery:

Cardi B sent fans and media into a frenzy when she went Christmas shopping in a mall last December. She had no makeup on and her jawlines could clearly be seen as well defined. Additionally, it appeared though that her neck was more smoothed out. Furthermore, her eyebrows seemed much more arched than before when she attended an event later that week. There is practically zero to minor differences between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj now as both look almost identical.


Cardi B Dental Veneers:

The rapper had always struggled with her teeth ever since she made an appearance in the reality show that launched her into a megastar. She was proud of her appearance until she was bullied and trolled online for her misshaped and mismatched teeth. Eventually, she went public with her dentist appointment of a whopping 40 thousand dollar bill. This is to date still one of her most talked-about procedures. Even her dentist has gone on to become a known personality with her ever-expanding client list. We do not know about you, but we sure as hell about this procedure in particular.


What are your thoughts on Cardi B’s plastic surgery? Would you like to hear more about her other surgeries? We will be waiting for you in the comments section!

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